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Samet BAĞÇECİ started its commercial life with a retail store in Avcılar in 1995

Then continued with the sale of wholesale denim pants in Merter. He bought Troya Textile in 2012

and started denim production.

Having increased its production volume in a short time, Troya Tekstil increased its capital from 200.000 TL to 2.000 000 TL in 2013.

Serving in a closed area of 3000m2, the company houses the model houses, design, slaughter and washing R & D departments. In this way, it can respond to the demands of customers more quickly.

Troya Textile, which increased its monthly production volume from 30.000 to 200.000 pieces, continued its works by prioritizing customer satisfaction without sacrificing the quality of its products.

In his short time with this breakthrough, Troya Textile also became the location of choice of many brand manufacturers in Turkey. Some of these are the leading brands in Turkey, such as KOTON, DEFACTO, LCW, BOYNER, BEYMEN, US POLO, and LOFT. However, Troya Textile has started to export to many European countries (Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Russia) and has developed itself and specialized in denim production.